Donate now to help Humane Society of Charles County emergency medical fund grow. image

Donate now to help Humane Society of Charles County emergency medical fund grow.

Funds donated through Honey's Fund are earmarked for emergency medical needs of sick and injured homeless pets.

$1,220 raised

$5,000 goal

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Fundraising to cover emergency medical care above the normal vaccinations, spay & neuters.

A dog named Honey came to us in October 2009 after being struck by a vehicle which resulted in multiple pelvic fractures. This pup was promptly named Honey, because of how sweet she was even with such severe injuries and in much pain, Honey still managed to wag her tail when she encountered staff at the Humane Society of Charles County (HSCC). We truly believe that Honey understood that the staff was there to help her.

We were extremely happy to help Honey recover from her multiple and severe injuries, and to see her go on to steal the hearts of her new family where she lived happily and healthy until passing away in 2018.

Honey was fortunate enough to have people donate directly to her medical care, but what about the next dog, or cat, or another animal that finds themselves in a dire medical situation? How would we cover the next emergency medical need? As a result of this exceptional dog, "Honey's Fund" was set up to help the next “Honey” who found themselves in HSCC needing extensive medical care. To offset the costs of these medical emergencies, "Honey's Fund" is dedicated towards helping pets just like Honey. When you donate to “Honey’s Fund” you are helping that next pet receive the lifesaving medical care needed to give them a chance at a happily and healthy every after.